Data Quality Framework Document - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we apply this framework to our facility databases?

    Yes. The Data Quality Framework assists in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a database. The Framework will not assign you`r database with a mark of “pass” or “fail”. Instead, through a comprehensive assessment, it will help inform you, or the users of your data of the data quality of your databases and any limitations to be considered in analyzing the data.

  2. Can you advise us on how to proceed with this?

    We suggest you read the entire Framework document to become familiar with the different aspects of data quality.

    The first application of the Framework may be time consuming. We suggest you focus on the areas that are key to you and your users, for example, data elements used in indicator development, etc. Also, while analyzing the results of the assessment, document ways to improve your activities so that in the future you will have better quality data.

  3. Can you provide a copy of the Assessment report or ratings assigned to the databases or registries?

    Information about the data for users of a data holding can be accessed through the associated data user documentation. The program area responsible for the data holding publishes these documents with the release of their data.

    The assessment report and ratings for each aspect of data quality measured by the assessment tool are meant to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the data holding and to develop continuous quality improvement plans. This information is then used to help create the data quality documentation for users noted above.

  4. Are you going to provide education sessions on this framework?

    Education sessions are currently being developed for internal CIHI staff. Once completed, they may be made available on our website. If assistance is required, please contact for more information.

  5. Is this the industry standard for evaluating a database?

    There is currently no established industry standard for evaluating the data quality of a database. The Data Quality Framework is a tool that CIHI uses to assess the data quality of its own data holdings which has been built on industry best practices.

  6. How does CIHI implement actions to address feedback from users?

    Program areas responsible for data holdings within CIHI follow the practices of continuous quality improvement. These include using the findings from the application of the Assessments for each year of data to identify improvements for the databases. Program areas first prioritize the activities required for corrective action and subsequently develop a plan for implementation.

  7. I don't agree with your definitions, dimensions and criteria. Can I submit suggestions to change it and to whom?

    We are very interested in hearing opinions on how the Framework deals with data quality issues. Please direct your comments or suggestions to

  8. How does this link with the "Data Limitations” document you published last year?

    The data quality for users document published by CIHI last year was developed, in part, using the findings from the application of the Assessment. It summarizes the known data limitations of the database for that and subsequent years.

  9. Who should I call to get more information about this?

    Please direct your questions or inquiries to