Record-Level Data Requests

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Record-Level Data Requests


Key Attributes

Service Standard


Straightforward requests for data that

  • Is readily/easily available
  • Uses known definitions
  • Requires a low level of new programming

Example: A facility requesting its own data cut based on CIHI's standard format

20 working days


Requests that

  • Require a moderate level of consultation and a moderate level of new programming
  • Can include one to five years of data
  • Can generally be fulfilled by data from a single database
  • Require very limited consultations or approval steps within CIHI

Example: Data set containing major trauma hospitalization cases involving unintentional falls, with several derived variables

40 working days

Very Complex

Requests that involve one or more of the following:

  • A high level of new programming
  • Linkage of patient records within or across CIHI databases
  • Multiple consultations between CIHI and the client
  • Moderate to high involvement of CIHI's methodology, classifications, privacy, legal or other support areas
  • Approval steps by bodies outside of CIHI

Example: Profiles and clinical assessment data for residents of continuing care facilities linked to their acute care readmission records

To be negotiated with the client

Use CIHI's accessibility request form to request CIHI documentation in an accessible format.