Aggregate-Level Data Requests


Key Attributes

Service Standard


Straightforward requests for data that

  • Is readily/easily available
  • Uses known definitions
  • Requires a low level of new programming
  • Requires no consultation or approval steps within CIHI

Example: Number of discharges from acute inpatient care facilities, by province, with stroke as a recorded diagnosis

10 working days


Requests that

  • Require a moderate level of consultation and a moderate level of new programming
  • Can require detailed levels of aggregation
  • Can generally be fulfilled by data from a single database
  • Require very limited consultations or approval steps within CIHI

Example: Drug claims by year and province for several classes of drug groups

20 working days

Very Complex

Requests that involve one or more of the following:

  • A high level of new programming
  • Linkage of patient records within or across CIHI databases
  • Multiple consultations between CIHI and the client
  • Moderate to high involvement of CIHI's methodology, classifications, privacy, legal or other support areas
  • Approval steps by bodies outside of CIHI

Example: Revision rates for joint replacement patients over a five-year period

To be negotiated with the client