Data and Standards

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interRAI Implementation Toolkit

Health organizations use interRAI assessment standards to assess people at the point of care. Real-time information supports clinical, funding and program planning decisions. This toolkit helps organizations implement these standards.

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Data and Standards information

  • Bulletins and technical news


    The latest information related to the collection, processing and release of CIHI's data for data suppliers and users.

  • Data holding metadata


    Information about CIHI's data holdings that helps a user understand and interpret the meaning behind the data (definitions, methodologies, data quality, etc.).

  • Data quality


    The comprehensive and systematic data quality program we apply to all our data holdings.

  • Data requests


    How to make a custom data request.

  • Data submission


    How data is submitted to us and how to better understand our data submission reports.

  • Standards


    Developed by CIHI and adhered to by our partners to ensure data quality and reliability.

  • Vendor licensing


    How software developers (vendors) access CIHI's products and services so they can develop software that helps health organizations collect and submit data to CIHI's data holdings.