Because of its many features, CCI provides for more specificity and detail than ever existed in other classification schemes. Some of the more significant differences between CCI and the current procedure classifications include the following:

  • increased scope (e.g. addition of enhanced or new sections dealing with laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging interventions, non-medical diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, etc.);
  • increased number of codes (approximately 18,000 CCI codes versus 3,500 found in CCP and ICD-9-CM);
    increased anatomy detail;
  • use of generic conceptual terms (to identify interventions performed);
  • identification of approaches/techniques/devices used;
  • multi-axial design;
  • hierarchical structure;
  • expanded code length;
  • elimination (where possible) of diagnostic information from the code descriptions; and
    limited use of eponyms.

A comparison of CCP/ICD-9-CM chapters with CCI Chapters is provided in the table below and illustrates additional changes in structure and content between these classifications.


CCP Chapter Titles

CCP Chapter#
(code range)

9-CM Chapter#
(code range)

CCI Chapter#
(code range)

Miscellaneous Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

I (01-13)

16 (87 - 99)

All throughout sections 1 to 7

Operations on the Nervous System

II (14 -18)

1 (01 - 05)

1.AA.^^ to 1.BZ.^^

Operations on the Eye

IV (21 - 29)

3 (08 - 16)

1.CC.^^ to 1.CZ.^^

Operations on the Endocrine System

III (19 - 20)

2 (06 - 07)

Classified to body regions

Operations on the Ears

V (30 - 32)

 4 (18 - 20)

1.DA.^^ to 1.DZ.^^

Operations on the Nose, Mouth, and Pharynx

VI (33 - 41)

5 (21 - 29)

1.EA.^^ to 1.FZ.^^

Operations on the Respiratory System

VII (42 - 46)

6 (30 - 34)

1.GA.^^ to 1.GZ.^^

Operations on the Cardiovascular System

VIII (47 - 51)

7 (35-39)

1.HA.^^ to 1.LZ.^^

Operations on the Hernic and Lymphatic System

IX (52 - 53)

8 (40-41)

1.MA.^^ to 1.MZ.^^

Operations on the Digestive System and Abdominal Region

X (54 - 66)

9 (42 - 54)

1.NA.^^ to 1.OZ.^^

Operations on the Urinary Tract

XI (67 - 71)

10 (55 - 59)

1.PA.^^ to 1.PZ.^^

Operations on the Male Genital Organs

XII (72 - 76)

11 (60 - 64)

1.QA.^^ to 1.QZ.^^

Operations on the Female Genital Organs

XIII (77 - 83)

12 (65 - 71)

1.RA.^^ to 1.RZ.^^

Obstetric Procedures

XIV (84 - 87)

13 (72 - 75)

5 .AB.^^ to 5.PD.^^

Operations on the Musculoskeletal System

XV (88 - 96)

14 (76-84)

1.SA.^^ to 1.WZ.^^

Operations on the Breast

XVI (97)

15 (85)

1.YJ.^^ to 1.YN^^

Operations on the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue

XVII (98)

15 (86)

1.YA.^^ to 1.YG.^^
1.YR.^^ to 1.YZ.^^

Table Notes:
(*) It should be noted that, in both CCP and ICD-9-CM,

  • procedures listed in the chapter dealing with Miscellaneous Diagnostic and Therapeutic have been assigned to multiple CCI chapters (e.g. Chapter 2—Diagnostic, Chapter 3—Diagnostic Imaging, Chapter 4—Clinical Laboratory)
  • the chapters dealing with Operations on the various body systems contain limited diagnostic and therapeutic interventions which may be found in other CCI chapters (e.g. diagnostic imaging interventions found in various chapters of CCP and CM have all been integrated in Chapter 3 of CCI, biopsies and inspections are found in Chapter 2 of CCI, etc)

(**) Interventions previously assigned to the Endocrine System have been relocated in other relevant chapters of CCI (e.g. the adrenal glands are found in the Urinary system (1.PB), the pituitary and pineal glands in the Nervous system (1.AF, 1.AG), the thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, and thyroglossal duct in the Orocraniofacial unit (1.FU, 1.FV, 1.FW), and finally the carotid body in the Circulatory system (1.JD).

(***) Interventions previously assigned to the Hemic System have been relocated in other relevant chapters of CCI (e.g. the bone marrow is found in the Musculoskeletal system (1.WY) and the spleen in the Digestive system (1.OB)).