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Informal caregiving

Informal caregiving

Results from The Commonwealth Fund 2014 International Health Policy Survey of Older Adults (age 55+) show that Canadians generally spend more time as informal caregivers than people in other countries and don’t always get the support they need.

1 in 5 older Canadians provided care to someone with an age-related problem at least once a week. That’s about the same as the international average of 11 countries.

4 in 5 older Canadian caregivers provided care for their family members.

Almost half (47%) of older caregivers provided care for at least 10 hours a week, which is higher than the international average of 40%. 43% of those who provided 10 or more hours of informal care experienced distress, anger or depression.

Almost one-quarter of Canadian caregivers needed help in the past year but didn’t receive it. The main reasons caregivers didn’t get the help they needed were lack of services and not knowing where to go for help.