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CIHI’s impact on health care in Canada

CIHI’s data and analyses make a positive difference in Canada’s health systems. Health care facilities use our data holdings to examine and compare the delivery of health services. Policy-makers use our health information to make policy decisions about our health systems and the care within them.

CIHI promotes data quality and standards. We manage health system databases and develop comparable measures for the performance of Canada’s health systems. We also focus on vulnerable populations such as seniors; children and youth; recipients of mental health and addictions services; and First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

We continually strive to improve access to our data and information. We have enhanced access to health system performance data through our Your Health System web tool and its In Brief, In Depth and Insight sections. Data related to international comparisons and patient costs has also been made available through our web tools and products.

How does CIHI make an impact on health care in Canada? Here are a few examples: