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At the heart of CIHI Portal is a dynamic, web-based business intelligence and analytical environment that provides a range of features and functionality for viewing and reporting on the available data. Users get secure access to current, facility-identifiable health data from CIHI data holdings and can perform in-depth analysis and share dynamic reports with peers within and across facilities.

Quick Facts

Here are some of the key facts about the data contained in CIHI Portal. We will continue to update this table as we release new data in the tool.


Available in CIHI Portal

Powered By

Integrated MicroStrategy 9.0.2 BI platform CIHI enterprise data warehouse

Closed Data Years

DAD: FY2001/02 to FY2011/12
NACRS: FY2002/03 to FY2011/12
CMDB: FY2002/03 to FY2008/09
(soon to be updated)

Open Data Years

DAD: FY2012/13
NACRS: FY2012/13
NRS: FY2002/03 to FY2012/13

Grouper Methodology

DAD: CMG+ 2011 (FY2006/07 to FY2011/12)
          CMG+ 2012 (FY2007/08 to FY2012/13)
NACRS: CACS 2011 (FY2006/07 to FY2011/12)
          CACS 2012 (FY2007/08 to FY2012/13)
NRS: “Current Methodology” RPG 2012 (FY2002/03 to FY2012/13)

Geography Hierarchy

Postal Code Conversion File version December 2009

Population Data

Stats Canada Census data 2006 estimates for 1994 to 2006

CIHI Portal Development-:

Here are some of the projects that the CIHI Portal Services team will be working on or participating in during fiscal year 2012-2013.

MSTR Project

Release Details

Estimated Date


DAD FY2011 Regrouping of Historical Data (2011) to the CMG+ / CACS 2012 Methodology

October  2012


New MIS eReports + Project Redesign

November 2012


NACRS FY2011 Regrouping of Historical Data (2011) to the CMG+ / CACS 2012 Methodology

October 2012


NRS FY2012 Q2 Data

November 2012