February, 2016

Facility testing is a process that allows facilities to verify that updates to their systems meet the requirements of the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). Facility testing consists of submitting a Discharge Abstract Database (DAD) Institution File and a period data file into the Test environment.

At the beginning of each fiscal year, all facilities that submit data to the DAD are required to complete facility testing. Live data processing cannot occur without successful testing.

The following facility testing procedure outlines each step, explains client responsibilities and addresses frequently asked questions. By following these testing instructions, clients can prevent delays in the facility testing process and allow for more timely data submissions to the Live environment. These testing steps apply to all clients, regardless of the facility’s level of care.

For more information about DAD reports and additional testing details, please refer to the DAD and NACRS Submission Manual, 2016–2017. You can also register for the self-learning course DAD Submissions and Corrections: Rules and Tools, through CIHI’s Learning Centre.

Questions about this bulletin can be sent to cad@cihi.ca.