The Case Mix department is on a 3-year cycle for methodology changes. April 1, 2018, will see a new version of the Comprehensive Ambulatory Classification System (CACS). Along with the addition of new classification codes, there will be a number of changes to the logic steps.

Emergency department

While working on the project to enable NACRS Level 2 data submissions to be grouped in CACS, the Case Mix team took the opportunity to revisit the emergency department (ED) logic, looking for opportunities to enhance the intervention partition. As a result, the logic will be changing and a number of new cells will be created.

Rehabilitation clinics and medical clinics

Where volume is sufficient, a second split using Mode of Visit (NACRS data element 20) has been added to this logic step. A group session defined by Mode of Visit = 2 — indicating that a single care provider is providing a service to a group of patients at the same time — is less resource-intensive (e.g., a clinical nutritionist teaching a class of newly diagnosed diabetics the art of a diabetic diet). (Note: This logic step is not mandatory in all jurisdictions.)

Intervention-driven cells

New Canadian Classification of Health Interventions (CCI) codes will be added to the existing CACS cells. Some modifications are being made to the intervention-driven cells where costs or volume warrant.

Stay tuned for more information in September 2017!