The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) is pleased to provide its clients with the DAD Abstracting Manual, 2016–2017 Edition for the Discharge Abstract Database and the NACRS Abstracting Manual, 2016–2017 Edition for the National Ambulatory Care Reporting System.

Accessing the manuals

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For all other clients

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2016–2017 abstracting manual changes

The 2016–2017 DAD and NACRS abstracting manuals each include a table of changes. These tables provide an overview of content changes that apply to all provinces and territories, as well as jurisdiction-specific updates to the respective manuals.

Here are some highlights of additional changes to the 2016–2017 DAD and NACRS abstracting manuals:

  • Provincial/Territorial Variations: In both manuals, jurisdiction-specific collection instructions are indicated in the Field Status table in the row "P/T Variations" for each data element to ensure that data collectors can easily identify this information.
  • Unreserved Projects (includes project numbers 500 and greater): New and updated project details may be subject to change at any time throughout the year and can be found within the DAD/NACRS web application by clicking the Unreserved Projects link. Jurisdiction-specific interest groups may request an unreserved special project number any time throughout the fiscal year by contacting the Clinical Administrative Databases (CAD) team at

Section 2: Detailed Data Element Descriptions

Anaesthetic Technique: Analysis on the number of anaesthetic techniques captured for a single intervention episode found variations in capture across jurisdictions. To improve pan-Canadian comparability for this data, global enhancements have been applied to the DAD and NACRS abstracting manuals.

Section 3: Additional Abstracting Information (DAD)

  • Alternate Level of Care (ALC): To improve pan-Canadian comparability of acute care ALC data, CIHI has introduced standardized guidelines to support clinician designation of ALC in acute care. Global enhancements have been implemented in the 2016–2017 DAD manual to support consistent reporting of ALC data. By using the hyperlinks within the ALC section, you will be referred to the DAD page of CIHI's website for job aids for clinician designation of ALC and for selecting the correct Z-code for ALC reason.
  • Newborn Abstracting: Global enhancements to this section will support the pan-Canadian comparability of newborn abstracting.


Submit questions regarding the content of the DAD and NACRS abstracting manuals by selecting the Inpatient/Ambulatory abstracting and Education (DAD and NACRS) topic via CIHI's eQuery tool, available through the Applications link on CIHI's website.

Submit feedback on DAD and NACRS manual changes to the CAD team at with the subject "Manual Feedback."

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