The Mental Health and Addictions program area at the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) is pleased to announce that Hospital Mental Health Database (HMHDB) data for 2015–2016 is now available.

The HMHDB is a pan-Canadian database that includes administrative, diagnosis and demographic data for

  • General hospital separations with a primary diagnosis of mental illness or addiction; and
  • Psychiatric hospital separations.

Indicator results at the health region, provincial/territorial and pan-Canadian levels can be accessed using the Quick Stats application on CIHI’s website. The following tables are available:

  • HMHDB Hospital mental health services in Canada (interactive)
  • HMHDB Regional hospital mental health services indicators (interactive)
  • HMHDB Regional contextual information (interactive)
  • HMHDB Hospital mental health services in Canada: Supplementary tables (pre-formatted)

To access the HMHDB interactive and pre-formatted tables,

  1. Visit CIHI’s Quick Stats page.
  2. In the Search by field, enter “HMHDB.”
  3. Click Search.
  4. Select a table of interest.

Aggregate and record-level HMHDB data may also be accessed through CIHI’s data request process.

For more information, please email the Mental Health and Addictions program area or visit CIHI’s Mental Health and Addictions web page.