Highlights of the CIHI Board of Directors Meeting
November 12-13, 2009
Four Seasons Hotel
Toronto, Ontario

November 12, 2009


The Chair, Mr. Graham Scott called the Board of Directors meeting to order at 12:25 p.m.  He went on to introduce Mr. John Wright, CIHI’s incoming President and CEO.

President’s Report

Ms. Anne McFarlane, Interim President and CEO, in her President’s Report to the Board, focused on the following:

  • A report on the organization’s financial situation, including the approach for setting the 2010-2011 budget, staff changes, the results of the presentation to the Conference of Deputy Ministers in June 2009, preparation for the upcoming evaluation and performance audit, as well as CIHI’s risk management program.
  • CIHI is working toward the establishment of data sharing agreements with British Columbia, as well as with the First Nations Inuit Health Branch, to facilitate the submission of drug claims to the National Prescription Drug Utilization Information System (NPDUIS) database.
  • The 2009 Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR) results will be released in December 2009 as a web-based product this year, building on last year’s successful release. Ms. McFarlane also noted that HSMR 2009 will include a high-level national analysis of sepsis.
  • Negotiations for provincial deployments of the CIHI Portal are currently underway with the Yukon, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. This is in addition to existing provincial deployments in Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, the North West Territories and Manitoba.

2009 Employee Survey

Ms. Louise Ogilvie, Vice President, Corporate Services introduced David Sissons of Hay Group, who presented the results of the 2009 CIHI Employee Survey.

Website Launch

Mr. Scott Murray, Chief Technology Officer, presented an overview of the new CIHI website, reviewing the key improvements and features of the new site, which will be launched in 2010.

Update on "The Difference Data Makes" Campaign

Mr. Louis Barré, Vice President, Strategy, Planning and Outreach, presented an overview of "The Difference Data Makes" campaign including examples of how the campaign has been used to date.

Primary Health Care

Mr. Jean-Marie Berthelot, Vice President, Programs, presented CIHI’s Primary Health Care information program of work, including two options, to move forward, so as to provide the most benefit to CIHI stakeholders.

Privacy and Data Protection (PDP) Committee Update

Dr. Peter Barrett, Chair of the PDP Committee provided an update to the Board on the activities of the PDP Committee, including the organization’s progress in addressing the recommendations emanating from the Ontario Privacy Commission’s review and confirmation of CIHI’s prescribed entity status.

Guest Speaker

Mr. Scott introduced Dr. Ted Marmor, Professor Emeritus at Yale University’s School of Management, the School of Law, and the Department of Political Science, who shared his thoughts and insights on the US health care reform debate.

November 13, 2009

Session of Independent Board Members

A session of independent Board members was held prior to re-convening the meeting.

Evaluation Framework

Mr. André Lalonde, Executive Director, Corporate Planning and Quality Management, provided an overview of the Health Information Initiative Evaluation Framework.  He noted that the Framework was developed in preparation for the upcoming independent evaluation as required in the current Health Canada funding agreement.  Ms. Ogilvie then provided an overview of the performance audit requirements as well as the recently completed performance audit readiness assessment.

Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI) Priority Projects

Dr. Cory Neudorf, Chair of the Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI) Council, provided an update to the Board on the status of recently published and upcoming CIHI analytical products.

Priority Projects

Canadian Hospital Reporting Project

Mr. Berthelot presented information on the Canadian Hospital Reporting pilot project.  He noted that six jurisdictions have confirmed their interest in participating in the project, with a seventh confirmation expected shortly.

H1N1 Related Hospitalizations

Mr. Berthelot presented an analysis of data which provides a baseline for understanding H1N1 related hospitalizations.

Report of the Finance and Audit Committee (FAC)

Mr. Kevin Empey, Chair of the FAC provided an update from the previous FAC meetings and the business arising from those meetings were discussed including:

  • CIHI Mid-Year Review and Quarterly Progress Report
  • Quarterly Management Certification Report
  • 2010-2011 Corporate Priorities and Planning/Budgeting Assumptions
  • Internal and External Audits
  • CIHI Pension Plan

Statistics Canada Priority Projects

Mr. Munir Sheikh, Chief Statistician of Canada, opened by thanking the Board for providing the opportunity to present on two important projects that are underway at Statistics Canada. Mr. Gary Catlin, Director General, presented on DNA collection and storage in the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS) and Consultation on the 2012 Survey on Mental Health.

CIHI Key Findings

Mr. Berthelot provided the Board with data findings from recent and upcoming analytical releases, including the Health Care in Canada 2009 report, the National Health Expenditures (NHEX) report, the patient cost estimator, the Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR) e-report, a primary health care analysis on patients with diabetes, analyses on the supply and distribution of physicians and analyses on proton pump inhibitors.

Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held on March 4-5, 2010 in Montreal, Quebec.

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