Highlights of the CIHI Board of Directors Meeting

November 24-25, 2011

The Sutton Place Hotel

Toronto, Ontario

November 24, 2011

The Chair, Dr. Brian Postl called the Board of Directors meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. He went on to welcome Ms. Caroline Heick to her first Board meeting as the Executive Director, Ontario and Quebec. He also noted that some government representatives that sit on CIHI’s Board were not able to attend this meeting as they are participating in the Health Ministers’ meeting.

President’s Report
Mr. John Wright, President and CEO, focused his remarks on corporate level initiatives, including progress achieved with updating CIHI’s bilateral agreements with the provinces and territories; the status of the funding request with Health Canada; internal organizational changes that are underway; and the piloting of three Lean projects to determine if this approach is a good fit for the organization’s business. He then provided an update on how CIHI work has helped inform some high profile events and issues such as the Health Ministers’ meeting and discussions regarding the expiry of the 2004 Health Accord. He also provided an overview of work including an iPad application under development for the Collaborative for Excellence in Healthcare Quality (CEHQ), the Patient Classifications Systems International Conference, the re-baseline work that took place for the Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR), recent reports on data quality, physicians and joint replacement, as well as an update on CIHI’s customer strategy.

Mr. John McGarry, Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) reported on financial highlights from the Q2 progress report.

Governance Committee Report
Dr. Chris Eagle, Chair of the Governance Committee provided an update on the business arising from the Governance Committee meeting held on October 31, 2011, including the Board self-evaluation process, strategic plan, performance indicator framework, governance handbook, and the implementation of a declaration of conflicts of interest.

Planning for the Future
Ms. Louise Ogilvie, Vice President, Corporate Services, introduced Mr. David Clements, Director, Corporate Strategy and Education, who presented the new strategic plan, business plan and performance indicators, noting that the business plan is contingent on the level of funding received from Health Canada in the upcoming funding agreement.

Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI) Strategic Directions
Dr. Cory Neudorf, Chair of the CPHI Council presented CPHI’s new strategic directions and their alignment to the new strategic plan.

Report of the Finance and Audit Committee (FAC)
Mr. McGarry provided an update on the business arising from the FAC meeting held on November 24, 2011, including the 2012/2013 corporate priorities and planning/budgeting assumptions, CIHI pension plan, Ottawa office space, FAC annual workplan, sole source contracting, operating line of credit and the quarterly management certification report.

Report of the HR Committee
Dr. Postl, Chair of the HR Committee presented on the business arising from the HR Committee meeting held on November 24, 2011. He noted that the process for the CEO performance review would be discussed during the session of independent Board members.

Primary Health Care
Mr. Jean-Marie Berthelot, Vice President, Programs, presented an update on CIHI’s primary health care information program.

CIHI Key Findings
Mr. Jeremy Veillard, Vice President, Research and Analysis presented key findings from CIHI’s recent report: Learning from the Best: Benchmarking Canada’s Healthcare System, released on November 15, 2011.

Guest Speaker
Dr. Postl introduced Mr. Tom Closson, President and CEO of the Ontario Hospital Association, who presented on health system funding and capacity.

November 25, 2011

Session of Independent Board Members
A session of independent Board members was held prior to re-convening the meeting.

Privacy and Data Protection (PDP) Committee Update
Dr. Vivek Goel, Chair of the Privacy and Data Protection (PDP) Committee provided the Board with an update on the activities of the PDP Committee, including confirmation of CIHI’s renewed prescribed entity status through the Ontario Information Privacy Commissioner’s office, privacy audits performed through the privacy audit program, the PDP Committee annual workplan, the committee’s terms of reference and a position description for the PDP Committee Chair.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Strategy
Mr. Berthelot introduced Ms. Francine Anne Roy, Director, Health Spending and Strategic Initiatives, who presented an update on the development of the Canadian MS Monitoring System.

Health System Use of EHR/EMR Data
Ms. Roy presented an update on the Health System Uses of EHR/EMR Data project.

Employee Survey
Ms. Ogilvie introduced Mr. David Sissons of Hay Group who presented on the results of the 2011 Employee Satisfaction Survey.

CIHI Key Findings
Mr. Berthelot presented the findings and results from the National Health Expenditures Trends, 1975-2011 and Health Care Cost Drivers: The Facts reports released on November 3, 2011. Mr. Veillard presented the findings from the report Health Care in Canada 2011: A Focus on Seniors and Aging to be released on December 1, 2011. Mr. Veillard also presented an update on the Health System Efficiency project.

Next Board Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on March 8-9, 2012 in Montreal, Quebec.

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