Highlights of the CIHI Board of Directors Meeting

March 13–14, 2014

Fairmont Château Laurier

Ottawa, Ontario




B. Postl (Chair)


L. Boileau


L. Castonguay


B. Cooper


M. Dahl


G. Da Pont


H. Davidson


J. Davidson


V. Goel


D. Hallett


J. McGarry


P. Morrison


D. Ostrow


M. Smadu


V. Yiu


Staff: J. Wright (President and CEO), B. Diverty, A. McFarlane, S. Murray, L. Ogilvie, S. O’Reilly, J. Veillard, C. Morris

Guests: S. Paradis, L. Barr-Telford, G. Yeates, M. Decter, G. Scott, R. Alvarez

Recorder: L. Lennox


The Chair, Dr. Brian Postl, called the Board of Directors meeting to order at 9:45 a.m. and welcomed those present. He introduced 3 new directors: Mr. George Da Pont, Health Canada representative; Mr. Bruce Cooper, Region 5 (Atlantic) government representative; and Dr. Heather Davidson, Region 1 (B.C. and Yukon) government representative.

Dr. Postl noted that Dr. Vivek Goel, Region 3 (Ontario) non-government representative, will be stepping down from the Board following this meeting and as such, he notified members that a special electronic meeting of the members will be held in May to elect a new Region 3 (Ontario) non-government representative.

Dr. Postl went on to inform directors that, with the departure of Dr. Goel, there are a few positions to fill. He noted that the Governance Committee will oversee the following:

    • Confirmation of a new vice chair

    • Confirmation of a new chair of the PDP Committee, noting that he will act as the chair of the Committee until a new chair is selected.

Finally, he noted that the Governance Committee will also oversee the addition of a new Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) member pending a full committee review.

President’s Report

Mr. John Wright provided an overview of some of the accomplishments of the third quarter of 2013–2014, as well as activities that occurred leading up to the Board meeting. He reported on several corporate-level initiatives.

He went on to report on the program of work, including the increasing amount of drug plan data and continuing care data. He reported on the uptake of the Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Monitoring System (CMSMS) and how CIHI is working to obtain vital statistics in several provinces. Mr. Wright then provided an update on physician-level billing data, the joint work being conducted with Statistics Canada and the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres, a possible presentation to the Conference of Deputy Ministers regarding the health system use of electronic health record data, and an upcoming conference on high users of the health system.

Ms. Louise Ogilvie, Vice President, Corporate Services, provided an overview of the key financial considerations and results with regard to recent developments and accomplishments achieved during the 9 months of the fiscal year.

Mr. Wright completed his President’s Report by referring directors to the summaries of recent releases on the Canadian Organ Replacement Register, chronic disease management and preventable dental cavities in children, which were included in the Board material, for information.

Report of the Finance and Audit Committee

Ms. Ogilvie provided a verbal update from the January 22, 2014, FAC meeting, including the competitive process for the appointment of CIHI’s external public accountants, progress made on various tax audits and the performance audit, the multi-year internal audit work plan, the 2013 pension plan governance checklist and the work plan for the discussion of options for the CIHI Pension Plan.

Following the verbal update, Ms. Ogilvie provided an overview of the 2014–2015 Operational Plan and Budget and the 2014–2017 Business Plan. Directors reviewed and approved the documents.

Renewal of Funding Agreements

Ms. Ogilvie presented background information regarding the renewal of CIHI’s funding agreements with Health Canada and the provinces and territories.

Analytical Plan 2014 to 2016

Dr. Jeremy Veillard, Vice President, Research and Analysis, provided background on the development of the analytical plan and then presented CIHI’s analytical plan for 2014 to 2016.

Health System Performance (HSP)

Dr. Veillard presented on the deliverables and implementation status of the pan-Canadian health system performance measurement and reporting program.

Integrated eReporting Update

Mr. Stephen O’Reilly, Executive Director, Atlantic Canada and Integrated eReporting, provided an update on the Integrated eReporting program.

Long-Term Care Information

Mr. Brent Diverty, Vice President, Programs, presented on the progress and plans of CIHI’s long-term care data and information.

Statistics Canada Update

Mr. Peter Morrison, Assistant Chief Statistician, Statistics Canada, introduced the topic and turned it over to Ms. Lynn Barr-Telford, Director General, Health, Justice and Special Surveys, who presented on the social domain record linkage environment at Statistics Canada.

Report of the Governance Committee

Ms. Janet Davidson, Chair of the Governance Committee, provided a verbal update from the January 20, 2014, electronic Governance Committee meeting, including Board succession activities and an update on the activities of the Interagency Collaboration Group.

20th Anniversary Guest Speaker Panel

Mr. Graham Scott and Mr. Michael Decter, Past CIHI Board Chairs, and Ms. Glenda Yeates and Mr. Richard Alvarez, Past Presidents and CEOs of CIHI, joined the meeting. Following introductions provided by Dr. Postl, Ms. Yeates facilitated a panel composed of Dr. Postl, Mr. Scott and Mr. Decter, who discussed their views on how CIHI has evolved through the years.

Session of Independent Board Directors

An in-camera session of the Board was held. Following the session, Dr. Postl reported that, in the wake of Mr. John Wright’s departure as President and CEO on March 31, 2014, it was necessary to confirm the appointment of Ms. Louise Ogilvie as Interim President and CEO, effective April 1, 2014.

Population Health

Mr. Veillard presented on findings from a population health research project. He also presented a video.

Report of the Human Resources (HR) Committee

Dr. Postl, Chair of the HR Committee, reported on the meeting that took place on the morning of March 13. His report included updates on the following topics: HR achievements and objectives; the succession plan for key senior management positions; the CEO’s performance review; the results from the HR Committee self-evaluation; the review of CIHI Pension Plan options; the HR Committee 2014–2015 work plan; the management certification report on occupational health and safety; and the CIHI Pension Plan governance checklist. He also noted that the committee discussed the transition and communication plan for the new CEO.

Facility-Level Identifiable Policy

Ms. Ogilvie provided an update on the proposed change to the Health Facility Identifiable Information policy.

Report of the Privacy and Data Protection (PDP) Committee

Dr. Vivek Goel, Chair of the PDP Committee, provided a verbal update from the meeting that took place on the morning of March 13, including the PDP Committee annual work plan, the privacy audit program, a privacy breach, the Annual Privacy Report and the PDP Committee self-evaluation results.

Ms. Ogilvie provided an update on the 2014 Ontario Prescribed Entity Review, providing an overview of an issue arising regarding the reporting of complaints and inquiries.

Key Findings From Upcoming Releases

Weekend/Weekday Mortality in Hospitals

Dr. Veillard presented an update on CIHI’s analysis comparing mortality of patients hospitalized on weekends versus weekdays.

Health Inequalities

Dr. Veillard presented an update on the preliminary findings of Trends in Health Inequalities in Canada.

Wait Times Analysis

Dr. Veillard presented key findings from the upcoming 2014 wait times report.

Seniors Drug Analysis

Mr. Diverty presented key findings from the upcoming report on drug use among seniors on public drug programs in Canada.

Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held June 19 and 20, 2014, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

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