Highlights of the CIHI Board of Directors Meeting

March 3-4, 2011
The Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel
Ottawa, Ontario

March 3, 2011

Board of Directors Meeting – Welcome
The Vice Chair, Dr. Vivek Goel, called the Board of Directors meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. and welcomed those present. He noted that he was asked to chair the meeting in the absence of Dr. Brian Postl.

President’s Report
Mr. John Wright, President and CEO, in his President’s Report to the Board, focused his remarks on corporate level highlights, including human resource changes at the senior level, CIHI’s entity status review, the renewal of bilateral agreements, the development of a contingency plan, and the Data Sharing Agreement with Statistics Canada. He went on to review the organization’s priority initiatives and expected achievements for the upcoming quarter.

Report of the Finance and Audit Committee (FAC)
Mr. John McGarry, Chair of the FAC provided an update on the activities of the FAC including:

  • Internal and External Audits
  • Review of the Q3 Report and Financial Statements
  • Quarterly Management Certification Reports

Mr. McGarry then presented the highlights of the draft FY2011-2012 Operational Plan and Budget, which the Board unanimously approved.

Report of the Governance Committee
Dr. Chris Eagle, Chair of the Governance Committee, provided an overview of the proposed Board self-evaluation questionnaire and process. Mr. Wright then presented an update regarding the strategic planning activities undertaken to date and on the plans for the June Board Strategic Planning Session.

Renewal of Health Canada Funding
Mr. Wright presented on progress and issues for the renewal of the current multi-year Health Canada funding agreement.

Canadian Population Health Initiative
Dr. Cory Neudorf, Chair, Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI) Council, provided an update on the activities of CPHI, including the report and activities related to urban physical environments, a project on cardiovascular diseases and health outcomes in First Nations, Inuit and Métis populations, and a partnership with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to develop a population health intervention research casebook and other related population health intervention work.

Canadian Hospital Reporting Project – Public Reporting
Mr. Jeremy Veillard, Vice President, Research and Analysis, presented on the plan for the first public release of information from the Canadian Hospital Reporting Project (CHRP) .

Update on Cost Drivers Project
Mr. Jean-Marie Berthelot, Vice President, Programs, presented an update on the Healthcare Cost Drivers Project.

Guest Speaker – Dr. Jack Kitts
Dr. Goel introduced Dr. Jack Kitts, President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital and Chair of the Health Council of Canada, who presented on the development of a quality plan at The Ottawa Hospital. He highlighted the challenges in finding quality indicators that would allow measurement of progress.

March 4, 2011

Session of Independent Board Members
An in-camera session of the Board was held prior to convening the meeting. During the session, Mr. Wright reviewed his performance for the period between January to December 2010 and his performance objectives for the period between January 2011 to March 2012. J. Wright then left the room to allow Board members the opportunity to discuss his performance and compensation, and objectives for the upcoming period.

Privacy and Data Protection (PDP) Committee Update
Dr. Goel, Chair, PDP Committee, provided an update to the Board on the activities of the PDP Committee. He reviewed and commented on CIHI’s multi-year privacy audit program, the status of CIHI’s prescribed entity status review and the status of the Annaul Privacy Report.

Report of the Human Resources (HR) Committee
Dr. Goel, Acting Chair, HR Committee, provided an update including the Committee’s terms of reference, CIHI’s HR program, key HR performance measures and the Committee’s recommendation regarding an executive compensation strategy.

Data Strategy

Data Vision and Strategy
Mr. Berthelot presented on the key principles identified in support of CIHI’s data vision and strategy.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Monitoring System
Mr. Berthelot discussed a recent request for CIHI to develop an MS Monitoring System.

Registries Project
Ms. Anne McFarlane, Vice President, Western Canada and Developmental Initiatives, presented on a proposal to expand CIHI’s role in supporting select clinical registries. She reviewed the business need and potential roles for CIHI in providing support to clinical registries as a means of promoting the efficient and effective use of health data across Canada.

Child Health Indicator Framework
Ms. McFarlane presented on BC’s Child Health Indicator Framework developed in collaboration with the BC Provincial Health Office.

Health System Use (HSU) Vision Project
Mr. Berthelot presented a proposed vision for advancing health system use of EHR/EMR data in Canada, providing an update on the work of the two Conference of Deputy Ministers (CDM) working groups and noting that CIHI and Canada Health Infoway are likely to be presenting to the CDM at their meeting in June.

CIHI Key Findings
Mr. Veillard presented an overview of the analysis to be featured in an upcoming Wait Times release. He then presented key findings from the 2011 Health Indicators report. Mr. Berthelot presented an update on the release of the annual Canadian Organ Replacement Registry (CORR) report.

Next Board Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on June 2-3, 2011 in Saint John, New Brunswick.

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