Highlights of the CIHI Strategic Planning Session,
Annual General Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting

June 2-3, 2011
Hilton Saint John
Saint John, New Brunswick

June 2, 2011 Board Strategic Planning Session

The Chair, Dr. Brian Postl called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. He welcomed those presented to the Board Strategic Planning Session. In his opening remarks, Dr. Postl provided an overview of the meeting flow and theme, and reviewed the intent of the strategic planning session, which is to develop CIHI’s strategic plan for 2012/2013 to 2016/2017.

“Four Strong Winds”: Panel Discussion
Dr. Marshall Dahl facilitated a panel discussion with four Board members on topics of strategic interest to CIHI. Dr. Postl presented on the topic of integration across health sectors, Mr. Howard Waldner presented on the topic of performance management, Mr. Don Ferguson presented on the topic of use of technology and Mr. Saäd Rafi presented on the topic of health system financing, each providing an overview of the topic and their unique perspectives.

“Navigating the Currents”: Determining CIHI’s Position in the Health Information Landscape
Dr. Cory Neudorf introduced this item. Mr. Stephen O’Reilly presented on CIHI’s position in the health information landscape and what stakeholders have been saying, providing a synthesis of the results from the 2009 Client Survey and the 2010 Independent Evaluation. Mr. O’Reilly went on to review CIHI’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Dr. Neudorf then facilitated a discussion.

“Testing the Waters”: Clarifying CIHI’s Mandate and Scope
Ms. Janet Davidson introduced this item and Mr. Jeremy Veillard presented on CIHI’s core business within four domains (responding to local needs vs. a pan-Canadian orientation, engaging the public vs. support to health system managers, from data to knowledge, and Canada in an international context). Mr. Veillard went on to provide management’s recommendation regarding CIHI’s position within the four domains as well as for a renewed mandate. Ms. Davidson then facilitated a discussion.

“Beyond the Blue Horizon”: Confirming CIHI’s Mission, Vision, Values
Dr. Marlene Smadu introduced this item and Ms. Anne McFarlane presented on work conducted by CIHI management and staff to update CIHI’s mission, vision and values, presenting options and proposing recommendations for each topic. Dr. Smadu facilitated discussions for each topic.

“Charting the Course”: Statistics Canada Strategic Priorities
Dr. Neudorf introduced this item and Mr. Peter Morisson presented an overview of Statistics Canada’s strategic priorities for 2011/2012 with specific reference to relevant initiatives and directions within the health program.

“Charting the Course”: Setting CIHI’s Strategic Goals and Priorities
Dr. Vivek Goel introduced this item and Mr. Jean-Marie Berthelot presented strategic goals and priorities for CIHI’s future work. He also presented on foundational elements which are integral to CIHI’s success. Mr. John Wright provided a summary of the consultations he conducted with key stakeholders, to seek feedback on the proposed outline of the strategic plan. Dr. Goel then facilitated a discussion.

”Adjusting the Sails to the Right Headwind”: Renewing Funding Agreements with Health Canada and Provinces/Territories
Mr. John McGarry introduced this item and Ms. Louise Ogilvie presented the plans for the renewal of the funding agreements with Health Canada and the Provinces/Territories. Mr. McGarry then facilitated a discussion.

Panel: Reflections on the Day’s Discussion
Mr. Scott Murray introduced Mr. Denis Lalumière and Dr. Goel who provided recaps on the day’s discussion. Mr. Lalumière and Dr. Goel each provided their insights on what they heard throughout the day, summarizing the key points and providing direction for moving forward.

Local Perspective: Stéphane Robichaud
Dr. Postl introduced Mr. Stéphane Robichaud, CEO of the New Brunswick Health Council, who presented on the work of the Health Council and how it has positioned itself in the New Brunswick health system to help support decision-making.

There being no further business, Dr. Postl called for the adjournment of the Board Strategic Planning Session.

June 3, 2011 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Chair, Dr. Brian Postl called the AGM to order at 7:30 a.m. and welcomed those present.

The Auditor’s Report and CIHI Financial Statements for fiscal 2010-2011 and the Auditor’s Report and CIHI Pension Plan Financial Statements as at December 31, 2010 were accepted as tabled.

Appointment of Auditors for Fiscal Year 2011-2012
The firm of Ernst and Young was confirmed as the auditors for CIHI for fiscal 2011-2012.

Corporate Annual Report
Dr. Cory Neudorf, Member of the Governance Committee, referred members to the briefing material outlining the content, format and proposed enhancements of the 2010-2011 Corporate Annual Report.

Re-election of Board Members
Dr. Postl indicated that two re-elections were required. Members elected included:

  • Dr. Luc Boileau to a second three-year term as the Region 4 (Quebec) non-government representative
  • Mr. Don Ferguson to a second three-year term as the Region 5 (Atlantic) government representative

There being no further business, Dr. Postl called for the adjournment of the AGM.

June 3, 2011 Board of Directors Meeting

The Chair, Dr. Brian Postl called the Board of Directors meeting to order at 7:50 a.m.

Independent Session of the Board
An independent session of the Board was held prior to re-convening the meeting.

Confirmation of Officers
The officers of the Corporation were confirmed including Dr. Brian Postl, Board Chair, Mr. John Wright, President and Secretary, Dr. Vivek Goel, Vice-Chair and Ms. Louise Ogilvie, Treasurer.

Follow-up Item from the Board Strategic Planning Session: Vision Statement
Ms. Anne McFarlane, presented three options for CIHI’s vision statement.

Operationalizing Strategic Priorities

Data Vision and Plan
Mr. Jean-Marie Berthelot presented CIHI’s data vision and plan, outlining specific initiatives for the next three years, which will be undertaken in support of CIHI’s strategic priorities.

Analytical Plan
Mr. Jeremy Veillard presented strategic directions for CIHI’s research and analytical activities.

President’s Report and 2010-2011 Corporate Performance Report
Mr. John Wright opened his President’s Report, providing an overview of several corporate level initiatives and activities of importance, including CIHI’s annual rewards and recognition event, CIHI’s biennial employee survey, changes to employee pension plan contributions, the workforce adjustment program, recruitment of the Executive Director, Ontario position, presentations to the Conference of Deputy Ministers, to the Senate and the Indicator Chaos conference, and an update on the Ontario prescribed entity status renewal. He went on to provide an overview of CIHI’s performance in 2010-2011, reviewing indicators and reporting that the organization generally met or exceeded targets.

Report of the Privacy and Data Protection (PDP) Committee
Mr. Denis Lalumière, Member of the PDP Committee providing an overview of CIHI’s Annual Privacy Report and introduced Ms. Louise Ogilvie who reviewed the content of the report.

Report of the Finance and Audit Committee (FAC)
Mr. John McGarry, Chair of the FAC provided an update on the activities of the FAC, reporting on the CIHI Pension Plan, Management Certification Report and sole-sourced contracts.

Statistics Canada
Ms. Pamela White presented on the Statistics Canada health program analytical plan.

Report of the Governance Committee
Dr. Cory Neudorf, Member of the Governance Committee, provided an update on the activities of the Governance Committee including overall Board composition and the plan for succession planning for three Board positions, information on Board policies, including a review of the Board remuneration policy, information on indemnities to Directors and Officers, the results from the Board self-evaluation and annual workplans for the Board and the Governance Committee.

Next Board Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on November 24-25, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario.

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