Highlights of the CIHI Annual General Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting

June 10-11, 2010
The Sutton Place Hotel
Edmonton, Alberta

June 10, 2010 Annual General Meeting

The Chair, Mr. Graham Scott called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m. and welcomed those present.

The Auditor’s Report and CIHI Financial Statements for fiscal 2009-2010 and the Auditor’s Report and CIHI Pension Plan Financial Statements as at December 31, 2009 were accepted as tabled.

Appointment of Auditors for Fiscal Year 2010-2011
The firm of Ernst and Young was confirmed as the auditors for CIHI for fiscal 2010-2011.

Corporate Annual Report
Mr. John Wright, President and CEO, provided an overview of the proposed changes to the content, format and theme of the 2009-2010 Corporate Annual Report. Mr. Louis Barré, Vice President, Strategy, Planning and Outreach, commented on the theme of this year’s report: “Connecting Canada’s Health Data” and how the report will contain stories that illustrate how CIHI’s data is being used to bring about change and improvement across the health system.

Re-election of Board Members
Mr. Scott indicated that four re-elections were required. Members elected included:

  • Dr. Cory Neudorf to a second three-year term as the Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI) Chair representative
  • Mr. Howard Waldner to a second three-year term as the Region 1 (British Columbia and Yukon) non-government representative
  • Dr. Chris Eagle to a second three-year term as the Region 2 (Prairies, NWT and Nunavut) government representative
  • Dr. Brian Postl to a second three –year term as the Region 2 (Prairies, NWT and Nunavut) non-government representative

There being no further business, Mr. Scott called for the adjournment of the meeting.

June 10, 2010 Board of Directors Meeting

The Chair, Mr. Graham Scott called the Board of Directors meeting to order at 10:45 a.m.

Confirmation of Officers
The officers of the Corporation were confirmed including Graham Scott, Board Chair, Mr. John Wright, President and Secretary, Dr. Brian Postl, Vice-Chair and Ms. Louise Ogilvie, Treasurer.

President’s Report and Corporate Performance Indicators
Mr. Wright, in his President’s Report to the Board, focused his remarks on corporate level highlights, including the planning underway to update CIHI’s Strategic Directions; results from recent internal audits; progress on the independent evaluation and performance audit; and provided an overview of the Corporate Performance Indicator Report. He then reported on emerging issues, including the new requirements by the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) to review CIHI’s prescribed entity status in Ontario. He went on to discuss CIHI’s potential role with the Ontario Health Based Allocation Model (HBAM), and the work underway regarding the development of a compensation strategy and customer strategy. He also provided an overview of potential topics for the November 2010 Board meeting.

Renewing Strategic Directions Beyond 2011-2012
Mr. Barré presented an overview of CIHI’s approach and timelines for renewing its Strategic Directions.

Standing Item: Primary Health Care
Mr. Jean-Marie Berthelot, Vice President, Programs, presented an update on the progress of the Primary Health Care information program.

Report of the Privacy and Data Protection (PDP) Committee
Dr. Vivek Goel, Chair of the Privacy and Data Protection Committee, provided an overview of the Annual Privacy Report, noting that the report demonstrates the organization’s strong culture of privacy.

Statistics Canada Key Findings
Mr. Gary Catlin, Director General, Statistics Canada, presented key findings from recent and upcoming Statistics Canada data and analysis releases, and progress on data access issues.

First Nations, Inuit & Métis (FNIM) Initiatives: Preliminary Strategy and Planning
Mr. Barré presented the approach and priorities being established to address First Nations, Inuit and Métis health information.

Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI)
Dr. Cory Neudorf, Chair of the Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI) Council provided an update on the recent activities of CPHI, including the release of a series of data briefs on Exploring Urban Environments and Inequalities in Health, the work in the area of mental health and the evaluation of three CPHI reports. He went on to note that the CPHI Council’s meeting in July 2010 will include a strategic session regarding CPHI’s Action Plan, including discussions on mid-course achievements and future directions.

Project Updates
Labour Compensation Analyses
Mr. Berthelot presented an update on the development of labour compensation analyses.

Medical Isotope Special Survey
Mr. Berthelot presented an update on the medical isotope one-time special survey.

Guest Speaker
Mr. Scott introduced Dr. Stephen Duckett, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alberta Health Services, who presented an overview of Alberta Health Services (AHS) and its future directions, as well as AHS’ funding model and how CIHI can provide assistance.

June 11, 2010 Board of Directors Meeting

Independent Session of the Board
An independent session of the Board was held prior to re-convening the meeting.

Report of the Finance and Audit Committee (FAC)
Mr. Kevin Empey, Chair of the FAC, provided an update from the previous FAC meetings and the business arising from those meetings including:

  • Renewal of Funding Agreements
  • Contract for Group Benefits Insurance
  • Management Certification Report for Statutory Remittances
  • CIHI Pension Plan and Actuarial Valuation
  • Management of Roadmap Investments
  • Internal Audits
  • External Performance Audit
  • Sole-sourced Contracts

Health System Uses of the EHR/EMR Data
Mr. Barré and Ms. Anne McFarlane, Vice President, Western Canada and Developmental Initiatives, presented an update on the progress made on the Health System Use of EHR/EMR data initiative since the last presentation to the Board in June 2009.

Canadian Hospital Reporting Project: Key Findings and Observations
Mr. Jeremy Veillard, Vice President, Research and Analysis, presented an update on the status, deliverables and next steps of the Canadian Hospital Reporting Project.

Next Board Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on November 18-19, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario.

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