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We maintain the privacy and security of the data we hold and monitor the privacy landscape across the country to ensure that our policies are in keeping with best practices.

Upholding trust

Private and secure data

The privacy and security of the data we hold underpin everything we do at CIHI.

We talked to 2 CIHI colleagues who play a key role: Anne-Mari Phillips, our chief privacy officer and general counsel, and Cal Marcoux, our chief information security officer.

Has the new strategic plan changed your work?

Privacy and security are even more crucial as we move forward. It’s important that we play a key role in CIHI’s evolution as we explore new and innovative ways to meet our strategic goals and directions around data and data collection.

How do privacy and security align?

Security is a necessary condition for privacy. To this end, we work closely together to ensure alignment of our activities and initiatives. 

CIHI is committed to protecting the privacy of Canadians and ensuring the security of their personal health information. We take this commitment seriously. We want to maintain the ongoing trust and confidence of all our stakeholders.

Anne-Mari Phillips, CIHI

Why are privacy and security so important?

CIHI is home to more than 30 databases and is a leading source of unbiased, credible and comparable information. Privacy and security management is 1 of the 4 foundational elements of our new strategic plan. As such, it is an embedded part of CIHI’s culture. Everyone has a role. Maintaining the trust and confidence of our stakeholders is critical to the success of CIHI and the achievement of its goals. 

Our stakeholders expect their data to be safe. Information security is everybody’s responsibility at CIHI. That responsibility extends to all the personal information we maintain.

Cal Marcoux, CIHI