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Walking the path together

CIHI is honoured to be expanding its relationship with Canada’s First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities. As this is one of the priority populations identified in our strategic plan, we want to broaden our understanding of Indigenous peoples and learn how best to work together. To do so, we need to listen.

Photo of David O’Toole (CEO, CIHI), Lydia Hwitsum (Board Chair, FNHA), Janet Davidson (Board Chair, CIHI) and Joe Gallagher (CEO, FNHA)

We are pleased to be working collaboratively with the First Nations Health Authority in British Columbia to address the need expressed by both organizations for quality, actionable data to inform decision-making in a culturally safe and humble way. A new memorandum of understanding describes the shared principles for this collaboration: equality, mutual respect, collective impact, shared learning, embracing the best of both worlds and championing wellness.

CIHI is looking inward as well, and working to understand the First Nations, Métis and Inuit cultures. This work is built on relationships, and relationships take time to grow and flourish. We look forward to the journey.