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Continuing the conversation   

What a difference a year makes! In 2015, CIHI shared initial versions of our Population Grouping Methodology (YouTube) with a limited number of stakeholders. Their feedback was invaluable to finalizing version 1.0, which we released last December. Since then, we’ve continued the conversation with more than 20 additional presentations from coast to coast. We want everyone to learn from each other and to share the ways they are using this comprehensive tool as well as the resulting data and information. The Population Grouping Methodology builds clinical and demographic profiles for each person in a population. The result is a clearer picture of overall population health and system needs. We’re looking at the whole population — 1 patient at a time.

This describes the process for using the Population Grouping Methodology. First, the user prepares person-level clinical and demographic data files. Second, the user runs the data through the population grouping software. Third, the software produces person-level clinical profiles and resource indictors that can be aggregated to a population level to support decision-making.