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Measuring mortality

Decades ago, Florence Nightingale showed that injured soldiers were 7 times more likely to die from disease in hospital than on the battlefield. Since then, much progress has been made. Health care providers are committed to improving outcomes for their patients, and CIHI’s indicator Hospital Deaths (also known as Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio, or HSMR) can help.

In November 2016, the latest update of Hospital Deaths was reported in both the In Brief and In Depth sections of CIHI’s Your Health System web tool. This measure compares the actual number of deaths in a region or hospital with the number that would have been expected based on the types of patients a region or hospital treats. It is adjusted for factors such as age, sex and comorbidity. This big-dot indicator helps providers see how their region or hospital performs over time and gives them detailed information to help identify areas for improvement to help reduce hospital deaths.