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Drug use among seniors in Canada

May 17, 2018

Although seniors make up only 17% of the Canadian population, they are estimated to account for roughly 40% of all spending on prescribed drugs. Find out more about drug use among seniors in Canada on this page. 


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Your Health System: Insight

February 14, 2017

Your Health System: Insight is an analytical tool that allows health care providers and analysts to dig deeper into indicator results. Find out more about what Insight can offer, how to get access and the data refresh schedule.


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Potential Years of Life Lost: International Comparisons

A tool that compares leading causes of premature death due to cancer, heart disease, stroke and external causes, over a 50-year period, in 18 high-income countries.


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Operational Reports (web tool)

March 15, 2012

Access submission reports for many of CIHI’s data holdings securely and quickly. 


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