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CORR Annual Statistics: Organ Donors, 2007 to 2016

December 14, 2017

Take a closer look at donors, both living and deceased, trends over the last decade, relationships to transplant recipients and donor rates across Canada.


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Emergency department wait times in Canada continuing to rise

November 30, 2017

The amount of time most Canadians spend waiting in emergency departments to be admitted to hospital is on the rise. The length of stay for people admitted to hospital in 2016–2017 was up 11% from the year before and almost 17% from 5 years ago, confirming concerns raised by some clinicians working in Canadian medical facilities. Find out more in our latest update. 


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Canadian Joint Replacement Registry Update, Summer 2017

August 29, 2017

This edition highlights upcoming changes to CJRR, the data submission deadlines, and developments coming in 2018–2019 and beyond.


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Hip and Knee Replacements in Canada — Canadian Joint Replacement Registry, 2015–2016 Quick Stats

May 11, 2017

This product uses data from the Hospital Morbidity Database (HMDB), National Ambulatory Care Reporting System (NACRS) and Canadian Joint Replacement Registry (CJRR). Data for the HMDB and NACRS is provided by Canada's provinces and territories. Data for CJRR is provided by provincial ministries of health, regional authorities, orthopedic surgeons, nurses, medical records staff and others across Canada.


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Wait Times

March 28, 2017

Interactive Wait Times tool to explore benchmarks for treatment and wait times across Canada.  


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International Comparisons at CIHI - Chartbook

March 14, 2017

This document highlights how Canada compares in various areas of health and health care, as well as how CIHI contributes to international health data and knowledge production.


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Commonwealth Fund Survey 2016: Data Tables

February 16, 2017

The 2016 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey focused on the experiences of the general population (adults 18 and older) in 11 developed countries.


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