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Hip and Knee Replacements in Canada — Canadian Joint Replacement Registry, 2016–2017 Quick Stats

November 13, 2018

This product uses data from the Hospital Morbidity Database (HMDB), National Ambulatory Care Reporting System (NACRS) and Canadian Joint Replacement Registry (CJRR). Data for the HMDB and NACRS is provided by Canada's provinces and territories. Data for CJRR is provided by provincial ministries of health, regional authorities, orthopedic surgeons, nurses, medical records staff and others across Canada.


Organ and Joint Replacements All of Canada Specialized Care
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Drug Use Among Seniors in Canada, 2016: Data Tables

May 17, 2018

These data tables examine the number and types of drugs prescribed and potentially inappropriate drug use among seniors in Canada.


Pharmaceuticals All of Canada XLSX