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You need a CIHI profile to access most products and services. Don’t have one yet? Create a profile.

Your CIHI account provides you with access to information, manuals, reports and learning resources. Access to some CIHI services is limited to ministries of health, certain health organizations and organizations that submit data to us.

Some of the services and resources available to authorized organizations include

  • CIHI Portal
  • Canadian Organ Replacement Register Web-Entry Data Form
  • Coders’ Resource Page
  • Discharge Abstract Database/National Ambulatory Care Reporting System Abstracting Manual
  • Data Preview for Indicators
  • Education and Product Access Management
  • electronic Data Submission Services (eDSS)
  • Learning Centre
  • Operational Reports
  • Vendor Licensed Products
  • Support Request (eQuery)
  • eReporting
  • Your Health System: Insight
  • Data and reports (eStore)