Michael Hunt—Director, Health Spending and Strategic Initiatives

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Michael Hunt
Director, Health Spending and Strategic Initiatives

Michael Hunt is the Director of Health Spending and Strategic Initiatives at CIHI.

Mr. Hunt uses his experience and expertise to provide vision and strategic leadership in the area of health expenditures, both at a macro level through the National Health Expenditure program of work and at a micro level with MIS and patient costing teams. He is responsible for ensuring the production of relevant and timely health information reports and products on health spending in Canada, as well as for the development of strategic initiatives within CIHI’s Program Division. In this role, Mr. Hunt also oversees the preparation of data for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Canadian segment database within CIHI.

Prior to joining the Health Spending and Strategic Initiatives branch, Mr. Hunt was responsible for the development and operation of 12 databases, including planning, developing, maintaining and evaluating data standards, databases, reporting systems and analytic reports. He also oversaw the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Health program. Mr. Hunt led the development of the National Prescription Drug Utilization System (NPDUIS) Database and the National System for Incident Reporting (NSIR) from concept to operational systems.

Prior to joining CIHI, Mr. Hunt worked for more than two decades as a practising hospital pharmacist and manager in the health care system. He joined CIHI’s management team in 2004 and accepted his current senior executive role in 2009.

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