Board of Directors - Heather Davidson

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Dr. Heather Davidson

Dr. Heather Davidson photoHeather Davidson is 1 of 2 members representing British Columbia and Yukon on CIHI’s Board of Directors. Dr. Davidson has worked with the B.C. provincial government since 1991. She has worked in a variety of roles within the Ministry of Health, and she has also worked in housing policy with the Ministry of Housing and Constructive Standards and in income and disability assistance with the Ministry of Social Development. She has been an assistant deputy minister with the Ministry of Health since 2010. Her current responsibilities include strategic planning and policy for the health sector, performance monitoring and analytics, and health research. The Seniors Directorate, which is responsible for implementing the Seniors Action Plan and Healthy Aging, is also part of her portfolio. Dr. Davidson holds a PhD in psychology (adult development and aging) from the University of Victoria.

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