Health System Use of Data

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Improving health care in Canada depends on using better data to make better decisions. Individuals throughout Canada’s health care system—including chief executive officers, health ministers, policy-makers and analysts—use our data to support their decisions and lead change.

Preparing for the future: Electronic records

The conversion of Canada’s fragmented, paper-based clinical systems to electronic records creates a unique opportunity for new and richer sources of information to inform decisions about health and health systems. After consulting with health leaders across the country, CIHI and Canada Health Infoway delivered a shared vision for the safe and effective health system use of electronic data to the Conference of Deputy Ministers of Health. See what we are envisioning:

Learn what Canadians think of electronic records and health system use of data:

To learn more about developing and implementing national standards to enhance the consistency and accuracy of Canadian health care information, including that captured in EMRs, see our work on standards.

Sharing ideas at the e-Health 2014 pre-conference symposium

International and Canadian experts discussed how they are making better use of digital health information to shape quality, safety and efficiency in their health systems. Listen in as a few of the experts talk about success in their health settings:

Supporting the flow of data along the health care continuum

Electronic health data: Local stories

A number of local initiatives have begun to leverage electronic health data to better support health system decision-making. Read about the tangible benefits to patients, clinicians and the health system in these success stories:

Our data in action

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Watch these videos for more examples of how our data made a difference:

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