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Top 5 health conditions  Total hospital cost in millions of current dollars
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease $753.3
Heart failure without coronary angiogram $575.2
Viral/unspecified pneumonia $505.8
Unilateral knee replacement $486.4
Dementia $404.0


Top 5 health conditions  Average hospital cost in thousands of current dollars

Costs exclude compensation paid to physicians.

Canadian MIS Database and Discharge Abstract Database, Canadian Institute for Health Information.

Ventricular assist device implantation $238,274
Newborn/neonate <750 grams $208,367
Newborn/neonate 750–999 grams, gestational age <29 weeks $163,309
Heart or lung transplant $136,401
Newborn/neonate 1,000–1,499 grams, gestational age <29 weeks $129,336
  • Ventricular assist device implantation is the most expensive condition to treat in a hospital setting, at an average cost of $238,274 for the duration of the stay. 
  • Because of the incidence and volume of patients, however, Canadian hospitals spend much more in total on conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ($753 million), heart failure without coronary angiogram ($575 million) and pneumonia ($506 million).

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