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By type of expense 2017–2018
Compensation 64.1%
Supplies 11.7%
Sundry 6.0%
Equipment 5.4%
Buildings and Grounds 4.8%
Drugs in Hospital 4.2%
Contracted-Out Services 3.8%


By functional area 2017–2018

National totals exclude Quebec and Nunavut.

Canadian MIS Database, Canadian Institute for Health Information.

Nursing Inpatient Services 19.3%
Support Services 18.0%
Other Diagnostic and Therapeutic 13.1%
Research, Education and Other 10.1%
Other Ambulatory Care Services 8.2%
Operating Room 6.9%
Administrative Services 5.1%
Medical Imaging 4.6%
Intensive Care Nursing Unit 4.6%
Emergency 4.5%
Community Health Services 3.6%
Long-Term Care Nursing Unit 2.1%
  • The largest single expense in Canadian hospitals is employee compensation, accounting for nearly two-thirds of all expenses (64.1% in 2017–2018). 
  • Among direct patient care services, the nursing ward accounts for the largest share of hospital spending at 19.3%, followed by Support Services at 18.0% and Other Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services at 13.1%.
  • Since 2005, total hospital spending has grown at an average annual rate of 4%.

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