CIHI Web Site User Privacy Policy

Your privacy on the Internet is very important to us, and we feel you should know how we use the information you provide to us.

All visitors to our website

CIHI uses cookies on its website to collect information on usage patterns. This information helps CIHI monitor traffic and site use, as well as develop content that responds to the interests of visitors. These cookies assign a number to each visitor to capture the frequency of visits and to document what pages the user is viewing. The type and version of web browser used is also documented to ensure our site is technically accessible.

All information collected is anonymous. Cookies do not provide CIHI with any personal information and we will not make any attempts to link information to determine who is visiting our site

You can set preferences in your web browser to deny cookies or remove them after visiting our site. Unless you destroy them, cookies will stay on your computer until they expire. Removing or blocking cookies will not affect the site’s performance or restrict your ability to access information on it. Information collected is maintained and stored securely.

Visitors who provide information on a voluntary basis

Information you provide on a voluntary basis when using (such as organization type or email address) is stored securely. We may use the information you provide in the following ways:

  • On our e-commerce site, to manage the distribution of materials under the Core Plan;
  • To determine appropriate new topics, content and services; and
  • If you indicated you would like to receive our newsletters or updates on new reports and relevant material, CIHI will send you this information by email.

CIHI does not disclose any personal information to third parties for purposes of marketing third-party products or services. CIHI may disclose certain personal information to third party service providers solely for the purpose of administering, processing or fulfilling a service to be provided to you by CIHI. We will insist those third parties safeguard and maintain the confidentiality of the personal information we provide to them.

Visitors who have authorized access to particular applications

It is essential that we verify the identity of visitors who have access to restricted-access applications. This is part of our system to protect the confidentiality and security of health data. We may review and analyze your use of the CIHI website to:

  • Verify your identity and allow you to access appropriate/authorized areas;
  • Understand your needs and eligibility for products and services;
  • Recommend particular products and services; and
  • Provide ongoing service.

CIHI reserves the right to conduct a post-audit review of clients who use restricted access applications. These reviews will confirm that clients are complying with security protocols as outlined in signed access agreements.

CIHI invites you to contact us through several email links throughout this site. If you identify yourself in these electronic communications, we will never reproduce your words without your prior permission.

CIHI is not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of the web sites to which it may link.

CIHI reserves the right to disclose your personal information as required by law and to co-operate with authorities, such as law enforcement agencies, in investigations of improper or unlawful activities which may require the disclosure of personal information.

Please see Privacy and Security to learn more about privacy and security issues as they pertain to data holdings.

As you know, Internet technology develops rapidly, requiring policies such as this one to be flexible and responsive to change. Consequently, any changes to the CIHI Web Site User Privacy Policy will be posted to the web site as soon as they go into effect.