March 28, 2019 — How long do you have to wait for a joint replacement or cataract surgery in Canada? Learn how many patients received care within medically recommended wait times for priority procedures in our Wait Times tool.

Key findings

  • Approximately 30% of patients who required a hip or knee replacement or cataract surgery did not have their procedure done within the recommended wait times.
  • Most Canadians continue to receive timely access to urgent procedures such as hip fracture repair and radiation therapy.
  • Wait times for cancer surgery are generally stable, with results varying by body site.
  • Wait times for diagnostic imaging have generally improved, although wait times for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans continue to be longer than for computed tomography (CT) scans.

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Wait Times tool

Explore benchmarks for treatments and wait times across Canada.

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Technical notes

View technical notes that outline how we analyzed priority procedure wait times and data on access to health care.

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Definitions of priority areas for wait times, including cancer treatment, cardiac care, diagnostic imaging, joint replacement and sight restoration. 

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