Version 2018 ICD-10-CA/CCI came into effect April 1, 2018, and is applicable to fiscal years 2018–2019, 2019–2020 and 2020–2021. The next release will be in 2021–2022.

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What’s new for 2018 ICD-10-CA/CCI classifications

ICD-10-CA has 87 new codes and 714 disabled codes, including the following:

  • 689 disabled morphology codes
  • New codes such as Medical assistance in dying (MAID); specific types of opioids used in poisoning; further specification of a third-degree perineal laceration during delivery and transgender reassignment surgery.

CCI has 344 new codes and 969 disabled codes, including the following:

  • Enhancements to rubrics pertaining to eye procedures (e.g., cataract, vitrectomy, cornea transplant), heart valve procedures and forefoot reconstruction
  • New codes such as endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) and radiofrequency ablation (RFA)
  • Disabled codes such as those pertaining to aorta sites and blood vessels of the lower body

What’s new for v2018 ICD-10-CA/CCI Folio Views application software

  • Code basket — A feature in Folio that, when active, will make it easier to collect, organize and reuse commonly used classification codes so they can be exported for use in patient record abstracting systems; ideally used in ambulatory care setting (e.g., emergency department, day surgery, clinic). Code basket instructions
  • Enhanced Search Functionality — A new search functionality that will enable the search of tabular data within Includes, Excludes, Code Also and Notes, and of content in Attributes (CCI only). Enhanced Tabular Search in Folio application instructions
  • Instructions for Searching the ICD-10-CA/CCI Infobase — Instructions for how to search and navigate Folio; added to the first page of each Folio infobase (ICD-10-CA/CCI). Search Techniques for ICD-10-CA (PDF) and CCI Using Folio Views (PDF)

Available format of v2018 ICD-10-CA/CCI Folio

A PDF of v2018 ICD-10-CA and CCI is available for download from CIHI’s eStore.

Please note that the CD format of v2018 ICD-10-CA/CCI Folio is not available.

Downloading version 2018 ICD-10-CA/CCI

Version 2018 is available for download by Core and non-Core clients. New this year:


  • The download contains zip files and executables. When downloading version 2018 ICD-10-CA/CCI, be sure to follow all instructions.
  • You will need a CIHI profile to download the products from CIHI’s website. If you don't have a profile, contact CIHI’s Help Desk for information about setting one up.
  • Technical information on installing version 2018 ICD-10-CA/CCI can be found in the v2018 ICD-10-CA/CCI installation instructions (PDF). 

If you have a version 2015 Shadow File

See v2018 Shadow File upgrade_Export Notes for instructions on merging your version 2015 Shadow Files with the version 2018 classifications.

Frequently asked questions

FAQ for the v2018 ICD-10-CA/CCI

Please note

Version 2018 ICD-10-CA/CCI has not been tested with Apple’s Mac computers or operating systems.