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Fiscal year Inpatient complexity, by average Resource Intensity Weight*
2013–2014 1.008
2014–2015 1.018
2015–2016 1.016
2016–2017 1.027
2017–2018 1.028


Fiscal year Outpatient complexity, by average Resource Intensity Weight*

* Resource Intensity Weight is based on the 2018 Case Mix Group+ (CMG+) and the 2018 Comprehensive Ambulatory Classification System (CACS) methodologies.

Canadian MIS Database, Discharge Abstract Database and National Ambulatory Care Reporting System, Canadian Institute for Health Information.

2013–2014 0.063
2014–2015 0.063
2015–2016 0.063
2016–2017 0.064
2017–2018 0.064
  • While inpatient care remains an important part of hospital services, there has been a gradual shift toward increased outpatient care. Since 2005, outpatient volumes have grown almost 1.5 times as quickly as inpatient volumes, with increases of 25% and 17%, respectively. 
  • This continuing shift means that more complex cases are being treated as outpatients, leading to a slow but consistent increase in the average complexity of both outpatients and inpatients.

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