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CIHI enjoys a long-standing partnership with interRAI External link, opens in new window, an international research network committed to developing clinical standards across a variety of health and social services settings.

interRAI has designed its clinical assessments to provide clinicians with real-time information that supports clinical care planning.

interRAI assessment information is collected at the point of care in home care, continuing care, and inpatient and community mental health organizations across Canada.
That same assessment information comes to CIHI, where we make it available

  • At the organization level, for quality improvement activities, benchmarking, program planning and resource allocation
  • At the system level, to analyze and compare health data across regions and provinces

What interRAI does

  • Develops the clinical data standards and associated outputs
  • Works with CIHI to refine/Canadianize the interRAI standards and to update outputs
  • Shares results of analysis and research
  • Is a member of several advisory groups at CIHI

What CIHI does

  • Serves as the custodian of the interRAI standards for Canada and as a repository of interRAI data
  • Produces specifications for a number of the interRAI standards
  • Annually, provides data to interRAI for research and analysis
  • Is a member of the interRAI Steering Committee
  • Connects jurisdictions with interRAI to leverage expertise

CIHI offers support to jurisdictions that want to adopt the new suite of interRAI instruments. This includes

  • Delivering education and training programs based on your organization’s needs
  • Developing plans to accommodate data from the new suite
  • Collaborating with interRAI on updates and best practices

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