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The CIHI Reference Data Model (CRDM) is a data architecture standard. The CRDM helps CIHI achieve common terminology and meaning, as well as data integration, throughout its national data holdings.

CIHI Reference Data Model

The CRDM identifies

  • Concepts (categories of data) that are of interest to CIHI; concepts can be a person, thing, place or event
  • Relationships between the concepts
  • Core attributes — key information about each concept

There is also metadata associated with the CRDM that includes

  • Concept definitions
  • Core attribute definitions
  • Value domains or a list of permissible values for the core attributes
  • Concept relationship descriptions

Key resources

View a visual representation of the CRDM (PDF).

Explore the CRDM Toolkit (PDF).

Feedback and questions

For questions and/or feedback, please contact us at