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The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that a final version of ICD-11 will be published in 2018 for testing and implementation according to countries’ specific timelines and requirements.

CIHI is participating in the testing of ICD-11 and assessing the implications for potential implementation in Canada in the following ways:

  • CIHI’s Classifications and Terminologies team is analyzing and identifying potential gaps, issues or improvements that could be made to ICD-11 from a Canadian perspective.
  • We are actively collaborating with the WHO by providing input into the content of ICD-11 and its supplemental tools and resources.
  • We are participating in field trial activities, performing gap analysis to ensure that Canadian content is included in ICD-11 and conducting in-house testing using various coding scenarios.  
  • CIHI remains committed to the WHO Collaborating Center for the Family of International Classifications for North America. CIHI staff members serve as voting members on these various committees and reference groups, which meet annually during the WHO-FIC Network meetings.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available, not only on the release of ICD-11 but also on the work we are doing at CIHI to build capacity for using this new classification.

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More information about ICD-11 can be found on the WHO website.

Questions about CIHI’s work on ICD-11? Email