Growth in Canada’s seniors population is expected to accelerate over the next 20 years. This will place greater demands on the continuing care sector.

This report and its companion products can help us better understand how Canada’s seniors transition from living independently to receiving continuing care services, and what factors influence their transition into residential care.

CIHI’s analysis examines the following questions:

  • How many seniors who enter residential care might have been able to be supported in home care?
  • What are the key factors that influence entering residential care?
  • How does being assessed in a hospital influence admission to residential care?
  • Do wait times in alternate level of care differ depending on the service to which seniors are discharged?

Companion products 

Web tools

Use these Seniors in Transition web tools to explore changes in seniors’ population growth, and to view information about seniors assessed in home care and residential care across health regions and over time.



  • Seniors’ needs and care settings: Improving alignment

  • Canada’s seniors population outlook: Uncharted territory

    Canada’s seniors population outlook: Uncharted territory

Methodology notes 

Additional methodological information (PDF) is available to help you understand and interpret the analysis in this report.