The Resource Utilization Groups version III Plus (RUG-III Plus) case-mix system includes minor updates to the RUG-III (44-group) grouping methodology as well as new Case Mix Index (CMI) values that better reflect the Canadian residential care population.

In January 2018, CIHI released specifications for the RUG-III Plus case-mix system to licensed Continuing Care Reporting System (CCRS) vendors, for use by organizations that are interested in implementing it. If you are interested, please work with your vendor to ensure the new methodology is incorporated into your systems.

Please note:

  • Implementing RUG-III Plus is not mandatory in Canadian residential care organizations (both long-term care and hospital-based facilities).
  • Existing case-mix CCRS eReports using the RUG-III (44-group) and RUG-III (34-group) case-mix systems will continue to be produced per the usual process.
  • If you have questions regarding residential care funding, please contact your health authority or ministry of health. CIHI does not determine how residential care is funded in each health system. 


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RUG-III Plus information sheet (PDF)

RUG-III Plus job aid (PDF)

RUG-III Plus Specifications and CMI Values

RUG-III versus RUG-III Plus job aid (PDF)

The following courses will help you learn how to apply the RUG-III Plus case-mix system. Register today in CIHI's Learning Centre.

  • 928E — Using RUG-III Plus to Compare Residential Care Organizations
  • 929E — Using RUG-III Plus to Address Policy and Planning: Residential Care

RUG-III Plus Decision-Support Guide

The RUG-III Plus CMI values technical document will be posted here soon.