The Resource Utilization Groups III Home Care (RUG-III-HC) is the grouping methodology applied to RAI-HC© Canadian Version assessment data submitted to the Home Care Reporting System (HCRS). The RUG-III-HC methodology assigns each assessment to one of 23 groups.

Each of the 23 RUG-III-HC groups fall into one of seven major categories:

  • Rehabilitation (3 RUG-III-HC groups)
  • Extensive Care (3 RUG-III-HC groups)
  • Special Care (2 RUG-III-HC groups)
  • Clinically Complex Care (4 RUG-III-HC groups)
  • Impaired Cognition (3 RUG-III-HC groups)
  • Behaviour Problems (3 RUG-III-HC groups)
  • Reduced Physical Function (5 RUG-III-HC groups)

Elements Included

This product contains SAS code and detailed flowcharts for the RUG-III-HC logic (PDF format for the flowcharts, PDF and text formats for the code). As well, a test data file has been supplied that may be used to verify any HCRS RUG-III-HC implementation.


The RUG-III-HC grouping methodology may be used to support home care organizations and regional or provincial/territorial-level service planning and analysis of home care resource utilization.


Download the latest version of HCRS RUG-III-HC Grouping Methodology Flowcharts and SAS code (including test dataset).