The flowcharts and SAS code outline the RUG-III grouping methodology applied to assessment data submitted to the CCRS. The RUG-III methodology, using the MDS 2.0© assessment data and Case Mix Index (CMI) values, assigns each continuing care assessments to one of 44 resource utilization groups.

Each of the 44 RUG-III groups belong to one of seven categories:

  • Rehabilitation category (14 RUG-III groups)
  • Extensive Care  (3 RUG-III groups)
  • Special Care  (3 RUG-III groups)
  • Clinically Complex Care  (6 RUG-III groups)
  • Impaired Cognition (4 RUG-III groups)
  • Behaviour Problems (4 RUG-III groups)
  • Reduced Physical Function  (10 RUG-III groups)


This product contains SAS code and detailed flowcharts for the RUG-III logic (PDF format for the flowcharts, PDF and text formats for the code).


The RUG-III grouping methodology may be used to support facility, regional or provincial/territorial service planning and analysis of resource utilization in continuing care.


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Download the latest version of CCRS Resource Utilization Group III (RUG-III) Grouping Methodology - CMI Values containing the most recent CMI values.