Quality of care contributes to patient safety and health outcomes and considers how well health care services are provided to patients. It addresses these questions:

  • Do these services measure up to health care evidence?
  • Are they patient-centred?
  • Do they produce desired health outcomes?
  • Do they contribute to patient safety?

Outcomes of care are the direct results of the care patients receive.

CIHI gathers, measures and analyzes health care data to support quality of care and health outcomes in Canada. We produce information products that help inform discussions from a systems perspective about how to improve quality of care and outcomes and enhance patient safety.

Events and education

Canadian Patient Safety Week
A national annual campaign started in 2005 to inspire extraordinary improvement in patient safety

Key Projects

Hospital Harm Project

Choosing Wisely Canada

Patient-reported Outcomes Measures

Key reports and analyses

Measuring Patient Harm in Canadian Hospitals (Oct. 2016)

Bariatric surgery in Canada (May 2014)

Leaving Against Medical Advice: Characteristics Associated With Self-Discharge (Oct. 2013)

Early Identification of People at-risk of Hospitalization: Hospital Admission Risk Prediction (HARP) (Sept. 2013) 


OECD International Comparisons 
An interactive web tool comparing provinces to OECD countries on 19 quality of care indicators.