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About psychologists

Psychologists are regulated health professionals who study the biological, cognitive, emotional, social, cultural and environmental determinants of behaviour — in other words, how people think, feel and behave in their social and physical environments. Psychologists assess, diagnose and treat psychological problems and mental disorders.

Psychologists provide services, teach and/or conduct research in settings such as hospitals, community clinics, private practices, universities, schools, criminal justice settings, social welfare agencies, workplace employee assistance programs, rehabilitation programs and workers’ compensation boards. Psychological services are provided across a continuum of care, which includes wellness, injury and illness prevention, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and relapse prevention, chronic disease and disability management, and palliative care.

CIHI collects high-level, standardized information on 30 groups of health care professionals in Canada. This includes information on their supply, distribution, demographics and regulatory environment. To find out more about CIHI’s health workforce data, visit the Health Workforce Database metadata page.

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