Home to more than 30 valuable data holdings, CIHI continues its tradition of delivering unbiased, credible and comparable health information.

Note: This guide is updated every year. Formerly published as a PDF, it is now available in this HTML format. Archived versions of the Products and Services Guide are available.

We collect, store, analyze and disseminate pan-Canadian health data in accordance with one of the strongest privacy, security and data quality programs in Canada. This enables us to protect the confidentiality and security of our collective data.

In addition to our data holdings, CIHI produces a wealth of reports, analyses, publications, data standards and education workshops. These are all in keeping with our mission to help inform decision-making, strengthen Canada’s health care systems and improve the health of Canadians.

Core Plan subscriptions

Most Canadian health care facilities and regional health authorities (or similar organizations) have access to a set of CIHI’s products and services (up to a maximum entitlement for certain products). This access is referred to as CIHI’s Core Plan and is provided through bilateral agreements between CIHI and provincial/territorial ministries of health. Some Core Plan products and services are subject to confidentiality and privacy restrictions and may require the signing of a service agreement with CIHI. To find out whether your organization is entitled to access products through the Core Plan, please email help@cihi.ca or call 613-241-5543.

Core Plan subscribers generally have unlimited online access to publications and education products in a variety of formats (e.g., HTML, PDF, online modules). Entitlements to other products and services (e.g., MIS Standards, ICD-10-CA) are provided to facilities based on their size (small, medium or large). Core Plan clients who wish to access products or services above their entitlements are eligible for Price A, as noted in the non–Core Plan users section below. Core Plan clients who wish to access products and services excluded from their jurisdiction’s bilateral agreement are charged Price B for that particular product or service.

See additional information on accessing Core Plan products and services.

Non-Core Plan users

Users who are not covered through the Core Plan pay per product/service. 

For each product and service, prices are listed in CIHI’s eStore or on other CIHI web pages as either Price A or Price B.

  • Price A applies to Canadian health facilities, governments, not-for-profit health agencies, universities, health professionals and researchers from the public sector.
  • Price B applies to private commercial operations (including but not limited to software vendors and consultants), foreign customers and others who do not qualify for Price A.

Most of our products and services are available in electronic format and can be accessed from our website

To increase public awareness of Canada’s health systems, CIHI makes its publications and reports that contain national health information available for free online to all users. 

Product and standards specifications

CIHI makes products, standards, specifications, documentation, software and other materials and related services (products) available to customers (commercial and non-commercial) for use in Canada’s health care systems. Access to and use of these products is governed by CIHI’s Health Information Standards and Specifications Agreement (HISSA). Authorized customers with a signed HISSA are able to subscribe to CIHI’s suite of products; access is revisited on an annual basis, though not all products have annual revisions. Subscription for non-commercial customers is free of charge. To find out whether your organization already has a subscription, please email help@cihi.ca or call 613-241-5543.

The following is a comprehensive view of the products and services CIHI has to offer:

Our products and services

View a summary of selected data holdings, analyses, tools, standards and methodologies in the following categories:

  • Hospital care
  • Community care
  • Specialized care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Patient safety
  • Patient experience
  • Workforce
  • Spending
  • International comparisons
  • Health system performance/factors influencing health
  • Tools, standards and methodologies.

The summary table is divided into products/resources that are part of the Core Plan and those that are outside of the Core Plan. 

Additional products and services are noted below.

Analytical plan

We respond to health care systems’ needs and challenges by providing relevant, timely information that supports better decisions. The analytical plan is reviewed and updated twice annually based on stakeholder feedback.

You can also view our

Health indicators 

CIHI develops and reports on numerous health indicators. This information and data, which is free and publicly available, aims to support the provinces and territories, regional health authorities and health care facilities as they monitor the health of their populations and track how their local health systems function. Unless otherwise indicated, the original data is provided to CIHI by Canada’s provinces and territories. 

Quick Stats

Quick Stats are a series of free, publicly available reports that provide aggregate-level data about health care in Canada. Unless otherwise indicated, the original data is provided to CIHI by Canada’s provinces and territories.


Our eStore offers access to our products, publications, instruction manuals and other tools. Access to some products is restricted to clients whose organizations have signed a service agreement with us.


We offer educational products that support the understanding and use of our databases, methodologies. We also offer products that facilitate the application of health information in Canada’s health care systems. These products are available in a variety of formats (e.g., in-person workshops, web conferences, online packages). Visit our Education page to learn more.

Data requests

Researchers, decision-makers and health managers can request specific data from one or more of CIHI’s databases. Data can be retrieved at an aggregate or record level.


Search our repository of answers on data-related topics, or submit your questions about many of our products and services from our eQuery page (login required).

Privacy and security at CIHI

We’re committed to protecting the privacy and security of Canadians and ensuring the security of their personal health information. We also maintain the confidentiality of health care records. Our commitment extends to all the information in our databases.

We have a comprehensive Privacy and Security program, and we review our privacy and security policies annually to ensure they are consistent with industry best practices. For more information, please visit our Privacy and Security page.

Data and information quality

CIHI’s Data and Information Quality Program is recognized internationally for its comprehensiveness and high standards. We work with our data suppliers and users to ensure we continue to be a trusted source of health information that meets the broadening needs of our stakeholders. Find out more in CIHI’s Information Quality Plan.

Your CIHI account

Your CIHI account provides you with access to information, manuals, reports and learning resources. Access to some CIHI services is limited to ministries of health, certain health organizations and organizations that submit data to us. Learn more about obtaining an account profile.

Additional resources

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