Health outcomes are changes in health that result from measures or specific health care investments or interventions.

Health outcomes include

  • Preventing death after a heart attack through in-hospital care
  • Improvements in a patient’s quality of life following surgery for a specific health issue; for example, improved eye sight following cataract surgery

CIHI gathers and analyzes health care data and information so that we can effectively report on health outcomes following care. We also look for opportunities to increase our knowledge and understanding of health outcomes through enhanced availability of health outcomes data and information.

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Health outcomes information

 Reports and analyses
 Databases and data sources
 Key Projects

Reports and analyses about health outcomes

Databases and data sources for health outcomes

CIHI's many databases are used to calculate our large number of clinical, financial and other indicators across the health system and for populations. Our databases include

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Key projects about health outcomes

Patient-reported Outcome Measures

Patient-reported outcomes are essential to understanding whether health care services and procedures make a difference to patients’ health status and quality of life. CIHI is working with a broad range of stakeholders to advance a common approach to using patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) across Canada. Learn more about PROMs.