Mental illness and addictions affect many Canadians at some point in their lifetime. They impact families, communities, employment opportunities and care systems. CIHI provides data and information to guide decisions on clinical care, system management and policy related to mental health and addictions.

Making a difference in the mental health and addictions sector

CIHI collaborates with federal, provincial/territorial, regional and other stakeholders to identify and address mental health and addictions information needs and priorities. We support the development, reporting and use of timely and comparable data related to mental health and addictions issues.

CIHI supports the implementation and use of comprehensive and standardized clinical assessments in mental health and addictions care. The assessments are part of a suite of interRAI tools, including the Resident Assessment Instrument–Mental Health (RAI-MH©) for inpatient mental health care and the interRAI Community Mental Health (interRAI CMH©) for community-based care. Information is created in the assessment process that contributes to clinical care planning and system-level decision-making.

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Information on mental health and addictions

Databases and data sources

CIHI manages 2 databases that are dedicated to inpatient mental health and addictions services: the Hospital Mental Health Database (HMHDB) and the Ontario Mental Health Reporting System (OMHRS).

The HMHDB is a pan-Canadian database that includes demographic, administrative and diagnosis information. The HMHDB integrates information from multiple CIHI data sources to focus on hospitalizations with a main diagnosis of mental illness or addiction.

OMHRS contains comprehensive information on individuals who receive inpatient mental health services in selected provinces. OMHRS data is derived from clinical assessments based on the RAI-MH.

Many of CIHI’s other data holdings contain data relevant to mental health and addictions, such as information about the health workforce, pharmaceuticals and spending.

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Reports and analyses


CIHI reports on a number of indicators related to mental health and addictions. Results are available publicly from the following links, and methodological notes are available in the Indicator Library.

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  • 30-Day Readmission for Mental Illness
  • Self-Injury Hospitalizations
  • Patients With Repeat Hospitalizations for Mental Illness

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