Cihi Shares Stories Of Data In Action: How Has Data Improved Health Systems?

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Depression: Let’s talk

Depression: Let’s talk

April 7 is World Health Day, and this year’s theme is Depression: Let’s talk. For people living with depression, talking about it can be the first step toward recovery.

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Unnecessary Care in Canada (April 6, 2017)

Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) is a national, clinician-led campaign that aims to reduce potentially unnecessary care by encouraging patient–provider conversations. CIHI and CWC are working together to quantify the amount of unnecessary tests and procedures done every year in Canada, across 8 specific recommendations. 

COPD in Alberta: Examining the Characteristics and Health Care Use of High Users (April 27, 2017)

Using information from CIHI’s High Users of Hospital Beds indicator, this report compares the characteristics and health care use of 2 groups of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): those who have been identified as high users of inpatient hospital care, and low/moderate users. It also describes the prevalence of COPD and the health care service use of COPD high users across Alberta’s health zones.

Inpatient Hospitalizations, Surgeries, Newborns and Childbirth Indicators, 2015–2016 (April 27, 2017)

This CIHI Snapshot provides key information on inpatient hospitalizations, surgeries and childbirth indicators. Included are the top 10 reasons for hospitalizations and surgeries, in-hospital births, and standardized hospitalization rates and average lengths of stay.

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