Kimberly Harvey - Executive Director, Digital Implementation

Kimberly Harvey

Executive Director, Digital Implementation


As Executive Director, Digital Implementation, Kim Harvey provides leadership in the development and implementation of CIHI’s digital transformation. Working with individuals at all levels of the organization, she leads the effort to identify and implement business process changes required to fulfill our digital vision.

Most recently, Ms. Harvey served as Vice President, Communications and Client Experience, overseeing CIHI’s communications, digital advancement, education and branding efforts, with a focus on building and maintaining strong relations with CIHI’s many clients and stakeholders. Before this, she served as director of Strategy, Planning and Architecture, and was responsible for providing leadership and direction within CIHI’s Information Technology and Services division.

Ms. Harvey has 30 years of experience in the development, implementation and management of applications and enterprise solutions, including experience as CIHI’s director of Applications and Web Services and director of Central Client Services. Prior to joining CIHI, she held senior management positions at Nortel Networks and Computer Sciences Corporation. She holds a Bachelor of Science in math and computer science.