Jean Harvey - Director, Canadian Population Health Initiative

Jean Harvey

Director, Canadian Population Health Initiative


Jean Harvey is the director of the Canadian Population Health Initiative and is responsible for the strategic directions and implementation of CIHI’s population health program of work. Ms. Harvey focuses on supporting policy-makers and health system managers in Canada in their efforts to improve population health and reduce health inequalities.

In this role, she manages the activities of CIHI’s Advisory Council on Population Health, an advisory group of experts who are committed to improving the health of Canadians, and provides guidance and leadership to the CPHI team, who conduct research and analysis, evidence synthesis and performance measurement. With her extensive knowledge and leadership in policy and data analysis, Ms. Harvey has led the development of several innovative reports and eLearning education products, as well as high-level policy dialogues.

Ms. Harvey joined CIHI as a manager in June 2007 and was appointed Director of CPHI in January 2008. She brings to the table many years of public health experience through her work at the City of Ottawa, where she made significant contributions to programs that focused on nutrition, heart health promotion and chronic disease prevention, to name a few. Prior to joining CIHI, Ms. Harvey served as the interim executive director of the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada, where she mobilized the efforts of more than 60 national and provincial organizations with a shared vision for an integrated system of chronic disease prevention in Canada. She brings a unique perspective to the work of CIHI with expertise that spans public and population health within the context of the Canadian health system.

Ms. Harvey has a BSc from Acadia University and an MHSc from the University of Toronto.